What is it like to work with MTS? 

Our goal at MTS is to be your go-to mobile sandblaster for all of your future projects. When we deliver the quality of work that we do, people don’t take their business elsewhere.

MTS will be that one trade you don't have to worry about. One phone call to our company will land you a turn key sandblasting service, no supervision required.

You just want to complete the sandblasting portion of a project hassle-free without any hiccups. Besides, sandblasting is loud and dirty, so you also want it finished quickly. And, it’s no fun for you when you have to supervise sandblasters to ensure that they do quality work in a timely fashion.

We get it.

Now, you can have a turn key sandblasting service with top notch quality guaranteed. Even if your pour suffers from concrete shrinkage, spalling, or cracks, MTS can help (there’s no need to tear out concrete with imperfections).


You might be wondering, “how did MTS develop this expertise?”

MTS started in 1975. Originally, MTS began out of a necessity, as a concrete mixing truck specialist. As the market evolved, MTS discovered a huge pain with how sandblasting projects were delivered. Since sandblasting can slow projects down severely and since many sandblasters don’t take pride in their work, a prime opportunity was presented to MTS. 

Fast forward to today, the MTS team developed (and uses) it’s own custom mobile rigs with a 1600 CFM Compressor. MTS is a multi-generational company that operates these turbo charged rigs. Which means that, when you work with MTS, you get the owners of the company to work directly on your projects — not outsourced workers. And here’s what that means.


Why we guarantee that you will love our work and why your project will finish on time:

  • We can work rain or shine to finish ahead of schedule 

  • We can blast up to 15,000 square feet per day without reducing the quality of our work

  • We work with pride, so that you won’t have to supervise our work

  • All of our employees have at least two years of sandblasting commercial projects — we have never had to refund damaged concrete due to human error

Dallas Museum of art


-Sizelove Construction-


What Do You Get With MTS Sandblasting?

  • All four of our mobile sandblasting rigs are custom, so that we can handle those large scale commercial projects which other sandblasters cannot

  • Each mobile rig has large sand capacity and high CFM Compressors, so that we can finish your projects on time

  • We have custom hoppers filled from 50,000 pound tankers (instead of bags of sand), so that we can even work in the rain

  • We can fill our 600 pound blast pots in less than15 seconds (while our competitors take at least15 minutes to accomplish this task); such a menial task adds up when performed over 15 times daily

  • We perform sandblasting for architectural concrete, structural steel, parking lots, etc. — we operate quickly to ensure that there is minimum downtime whenever an operation (like a plant) has to shut down due to sandblasting

  • We can perform dustless sandblasting (we have completed 25,000 square foot projects) for those sensitive area projects

  • We operate out of Texas (Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio), Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Mexico

  • And of course, we have commercial insurance policies, workers comp, and fully bondable as well.

  • Contact us (see below), and we can provide a quick proposal with hard costs


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You deserve to be spending your time making more money, doing other jobs, and increasing your volume — not supervising sandblasters.

There is no other sandblaster in the market like MTS. We built our custom rigs to optimize the amount of square footage that we can sandblast. And the MTS owners will be the ones working pridefully on your project.

This potent combination leads to us delivering an on-time and on-budget project for you. So that you don't end up like the 95% majority of unsuccessful projects.





“Employees have an amazing work ethic, they will go above and beyond. Its a family operated business and hard to find this kind of integrity these days.”

“These folks did a great job sandblasting...with terrific customer service to boot. I now have a trusted source for all my sandblasting — large and small.”

— Louis



here is the kicker

If you work with us, and you are not completely satisfied with the project quality or the professionalism of the personnel. Then we will give you a 100% money back guarantee. We are so confident that we can handle your ventures unlike any other competitor, that you will end up with an amazing product, and an even better experience. We want to partner with you for life.

Fill out the contact form to get a hard proposal TODAY. Check our availability by filling out the contact form below.

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